Kyabram Fauna Park

If you want a personal, more rewarding, and worthwhile experience with wildlife or animals when you’re travelling, then my big tip for you would be: don’t go to the zoo. Instead, find a smaller wildlife park or sanctuary - the further away from large tourist spots the better. I can guarantee you that not only... Continue Reading →

Picnic at Restricted Rock

If you’ve got $10 to incinerate and you’re around the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, Australia - then visiting Hanging Rock is an ideal place to go. Usually I’m all about sharing my positive experiences at places on this blog and that’s largely because I’ve been fortunate enough to have many good experiences while travelling. However... Continue Reading →

Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill: an open air museum that feels rather like stepping onto the set of Westworld. It exhibits Australia’s exciting goldrush history, and the effect that gold had on the town of Ballarat, where it’s situated. It first opened in 1970 and has since become an iconic attraction for the state of Victoria, attracting around... Continue Reading →

Camel Riding on Eastern Beach

I’m all about trying new things, especially if it involves riding interesting animals. So while staying in Geelong with a friend of mine, Jaime, we discovered a string of camels doing rides along Eastern Beach - and as Jaime and I are are both into horses, we agreed to go and check it out! The... Continue Reading →

Gorge Wildlife Park

Located near the adorably named Cudlee Creek in South Australia, Gorge Wildlife Park is only a 40 minute drive from the peaceful city of Adelaide. We came across this park on our quest to find an establishment that would allow koala holding, something that is hard to come by in other states of Australia due... Continue Reading →

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning is something I feel everyone should do once, if they can. There’s nothing quite like the childish excitement and wonder that stirs inside you, standing in a field at 5am watching balloons inflate to enormous proportions all around you. It’s a different feeling again when you gently drift into the sky, and... Continue Reading →

Back To It

As you may have noticed, there’s been a bit of a gap since I last wrote. I am here to inform you however, that after a little break - I’m back to blogging! The reason for the lack of posts has been a combination of things; a busy travel schedule, personal reasons, Riley and I... Continue Reading →

The Great Ocean Road Trip

While a trip down the east coast of Australia will have you dazzled by otherworldly beaches, a trip down the southwestern coast of Victoria has you feeling like you walked into Jurassic Park, or something to that effect. We didn’t do the whole Great Ocean Road, but spent a day travelling ten hours by car... Continue Reading →

Hospital Visit

A trip to Australia can't be complete without being bitten by something vaguely deadly. Given the fact I’d been getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and ants and various other biting insects since going on our camping trip, I knew it was only a matter of time before I was munched on by something more sinister.... Continue Reading →

A Night in a Dead Man’s Hut

While spending the night in an unmanned settler's hut from 1903 (the original owner of which didn’t return home one night after perishing in the surrounding forests) wasn’t high on my to-do list for 2018, Riley and I somehow ended up on the dead man’s doorstep. With the darkness drawing in, we had been on... Continue Reading →

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