The Horses of GaPa in Photos

Garmisch-Partenkirchen (or GaPa, as it’s known by locals), in Bavaria, Germany, has many wonderful places located around the town.

The most enchanting find for us however, were the horses we discovered – halfway up a mountain. Since we spent a great deal of time in the mountain glade with the horses, I’ve dedicated a post solely to the photos we captured there, as there are many!

The mountain (Mount Wank, that you can read about here), is a decent hike, and halfway up you’ll discover an alpine meadow where the horses usually hang out. After some research, I found that a farmer uses the mountain as summer grazing for his horses (and, sometimes, cattle).

The horses wear cowbells around their necks to make them easier to locate, as they’re allowed to roam free over a wide area. Most of them are very friendly and a mixture of ages, the younger ones being more playful. As I said in my other post, if you’re a little nervous around large animals, you should be careful if you decide to approach them. Horses are sensitive animals and extremely intuitive. They won’t like hanging around you if you give off a nervous or overbearing energy.

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Note: Please don’t feed the horses, as they have very sensitive stomachs, and can get very ill if you feed them certain things.

The following photos were taken over two days as we went back up a second time so I could hang out with them again for a while longer. Enjoy my childlike joy!

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Photos: © 2020

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