Kicking Back in Kiefersfelden

Last month, we went back to Bavaria, Germany, and enjoyed some hiking time amongst some of the most stunning mountains and lakes you could clap eyes on. I’ve composed a little photo-diary of what we did on our first stop on this trip.

The last time I was in Bavaria was March 2018, and we experienced the Bavarian alps in all their snowy winter glory.

Riley looking all majestic (2018)

There was quite a different feel this time round with highs of 24 degrees Celsius, and the last of the summer sun still gracing the sky. Our first stop after catching the train from Munich, was the little town of Kiefersfelden, on the border next to Tirol, Austria.

We picked this spot to stay for a few nights because we fancied staying somewhere new for a short while, before heading on to Riley’s favourite place in Bavaria, Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


Day one saw us walking all the way to Austria (again!) to a different town this time: Kufstein. The trail took us via a lake, Hechtsee, a stunning expanse of water just beyond the border, and a short climb from our AirBnB. Surrounded by mountains, the water is clear as glass, and we happened upon an abundance of beautiful fish hanging out by the shore. Anyone who says watching fish isn’t relaxing is dead wrong – I could have spent all day there.


After spending some time admiring the lake’s tranquillity, we headed on to Kufstein for some dinner, and caught the train back to Kiefersfelden just before dark. It had been a very long day (we’d been on the go since 4:50am to catch our flight) and on top of that, fitted in a hike to Austria all on our arrival day. The perks of travelling early – you can gain loads of extra time to sight see! Going to bed at 8pm felt perfectly justified as a result, and I got a hefty 13.5 hours sleep that night. Talk about waking up feeling refreshed – I wish I could get about thirteen hours every night.

The track down to Kufstein
Fortress by the river in Kufstein

Day two consisted of a hike to Giessenbachklamm, a stunning gorge straight from a fantasy novel. It’s worth noting that the gorge is closed from mid-November until Easter time due to avalanche and ice fall dangers.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Schopper Alm was our next stop, a traditional Bavarian Beer Haus/accommodation, in the mountains (though we didn’t stop for a beer). We stumbled across their very friendly resident goats, and you could purchase feed for them from a little dispenser on a tree which I though was a nice touch. Animal time always makes my day.


We hiked back down through the mountains and finished up with another walk round Hechtsee (I was keen to see the fish again). Dinner on the balcony watching the sun set with a Fritz-Kola in hand (my favourite drink ever) was the order of the evening. Perfect way to end the day, in my opinion.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
When in Germany, you must try this!

Day three, our last day in Kiefersfelden before heading on to our next destination, saw a lengthy hike to Hocheck in the neighbouring town of Oberaudorf, through/over some mountains. Google maps may say the route we took, takes 1 hour and 43 minutes, but let me tell you, with my dodgy knees and lack of cardio – it took closer to 3.5 hours. To be fair, we also stopped for snacks on route.


The hike to Hocheck was an interesting one. We walked through quiet forests, and saw parts of a river that had alpine water so turquoise, it looked like it should be from the Caribbean. Then we discovered a tiny cabin (we thought abandoned since it had a busted lock swinging from the door). After a peek through the window, Riley opened the door and it looked like someone had potentially been in recently given the freshly chopped wood in a pile by the door. I’d post the photos I have of the inside if it wasn’t for the nude calendar girls on the walls (and I know the demographic of readers for my blog varies drastically). I’ve also seen far too many horror films, so I was keen to move on after seeing the axe propped against the door, and the large hacksaw by the bed.


The scene that greeted us when we finally arrived at Hocheck was very Sound of Music-esque. It was quite a breathtaking sight to climb out of the shadowy woodland, and suddenly see hills of rolling green, mountain chalets, and hear the faint but familiar cowbells in the distance.


We decided to park ourselves here for a while, much to my delight as there were more loose goats roaming the hillside to befriend. We then lay on the grass (I napped while Riley read his book) and spent some time relaxing in the warmth of the late afternoon sun.


As the sun drifted from view behind the mountains, we headed down into Oberaudorf (the next town over from where we were staying) to catch the train back, but not before I found some ponies (and of course), I had to stop and say hello.


Picking up a pizza from the Snack Haus on the way back to our AirBnB was the next order of the evening, and it was enjoyed with yet more Fritz-Kolas on the balcony.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

That is how we spent our few days in beautiful Kiefersfelden. It’s a quiet little town, there are a few supermarkets/eating places but it’s mainly a hub for hill walkers and skiers in the winter season so if you’re into the outdoors, it’s a lovely place for a few days break.

Once again, another little Bavarian town that was a real treat to visit, and it had some breathtaking (not just because of the steepness) mountain countryside to enjoy!


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