Beach Yoga in Barcelona

Beach yoga has been on my list (alongside goat yoga) for a long time. Now, I’m no yogi myself, but I’m always keen to try new things, so when I saw Zlata’s Beach Yoga class on Barcelona Beach, I decided to book myself in for a session.

Yoga has been something I’ve always thought would both help, and push my body – and hopefully relax my mind a little bit – so finding a beach class was more than fitting. I caught two busses to the beach on the morning of the class, and was met with a warm hug from my yoga instructor Zlata. After a lovely introduction, we waited for the others to arrive, and soon began the class with a mixed ability group of about 10. This was no issue, as Zlata catered perfectly to us all, giving three levels of difficulty for each pose so we could all feel comfortable, and simultaneously have the opportunity to challenge ourselves.

She demonstrated each pose, and was on hand to offer slight postural corrections if needed, all the while talking us through our position and breathing technique.

As I have mentioned on my social media, my body won’t be winning any points for flexibility, but it was interesting to feel my limits so acutely and know where I need to work on strengthening or loosening.

At the end of the session, I felt super relaxed, and deeply more bodily aware. The beach setting was particularly helpful in contributing to such a unique, chilled out atmosphere. We then shared fruit that Zlata had brought for us, and had a photo opportunity to finish and commemorate our session – a great little extra especially for those attending the session solo.

If you’re in Barcelona and would like to book a session with wonderful Zlata, you can find her class through Airbnb at this link here. A drop in class is €12 and I’d highly recommend it!

She’s also on Facebook and Instagram at:



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