Cat Cafe Prague

Keeping with the recent cat theme – I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write about this little gem that we visited last year on a trip to Prague. It was our last day in the city, and we were looking for somewhere to go before heading to the airport that afternoon. That’s when I stumbled across several of these cafes, where the main attraction is – their friendly cats. By chance, we decided to go for the Cat Cafe Prague (you can find their website and address here), as it was the nearest cafe for us to head on to the airport after.


We couldn’t have been more excited (Riley especially, being a cat person) and were welcomed by a gentleman at the door who safely stored our suitcases for us, and explained some general house rules. We then took off our shoes, and were provided with comfortable slippers to enter the cat area of the cafe.

The best thing about this cafe (besides the cats of course) was the system of paying a very low entry fee of 120 CZK (that’s less than £5!) to spend an hour with the cats, but all food and drink was free and you could help yourself to a range of cakes, cookies, savoury snacks, tea, coffee and soft drink. If you went over your time of an hour, it was 1 CZK per minute after, but if you set a little timer when you go in, this won’t become an issue.

The cafe is open daily from 10am until 8pm, and also has a wealth of board games, and an Xbox Kinect to play while you’re there (but the cats are sure to keep you more than occupied). It first opened in 2015, and staff are very helpful, speaking both English and Czech.


The cats themselves were very friendly, climbing into your lap, and being keen to play and engage with you, which we all know can be a rare occurrence when it comes to felines! A highlight was the mouse game displayed on the tv screen in the main sitting area, which had the cats (one very determined one in particular) sitting in front of the screen for ages, trying to grab the mouse as it ran past.

We thoroughly enjoyed our little morning in one of Prague’s delightful cat cafes, and definitely could have stayed there all day if we had the time! It’s super relaxed, cosy atmosphere will have you feeling right at home, and the cat time you get is very uplifting. All in all – a great way to spend time chilling out before our flight!


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