Loop and Scoop

Whatever the weather is doing outside, and despite the fact Autumn is well underway, you can be sure to find something to whet your palate inside Loop and Scoop on Great Western Road, Glasgow. Priding itself in being the UK’s first ice cream and churro bar, Loop and Scoop provides a vast array of flavourful, hand-made ice cream as well as heart-warming churros. Excitingly, the ice cream flavours change daily, from classic hits such as mint choc chip and strawberry, to the aesthetic and equally sweet Nero – the black ice cream that’s been gracing foodies’ Instagram feeds for a while now.

Riley and I have become regular visitors to Loop and Scoop over the past few months (and we’re still working our way down the menu) – their interior alone is wonderfully fresh and inviting, dressed in white and orange tones that make a great backdrop for any Instagram picture. Each month they pick their favourite Loop and Scoop themed photo to post on their Instagram, and the winner receives a £10 voucher to spend with them. As if you needed any more of an excuse to snap your picture-perfect dessert!

Another thing I love about this bar is how clearly displayed the allergy information is under each product. There’s a huge variety of deliciousness on offer, but the menu is easy to follow to help you with your choices, and staff are super friendly. They’re keen to fulfill whatever requests you have to dress up your food – chocolate dipped strawberry placed perfectly on your gelato? No problem!

All their gelato is hand made in-house on a daily basis to a family recipe and, what’s more, you can watch the behind-the-scenes preparation through the portholes inside the kitchen. They have a variety of hot and cold drinks on offer, as well as classic milkshakes and chocolate on tap which comes as a shot or mini cup – great for adding to your ice cream. Not only can you get your classic cones/tubs of gelato or churros, you can also indulge in their signature Loop and Scoop dish, containing a glazed loop that towers over two scoops of your choice of ice cream. Other interesting choices include the filled churros, a churro cup, and churro oyster, filled with your choice of gelato!

Loop and Scoop also do pop up event services, party bookings, and they’re dog friendly – so your doggo can drool over the excellency of what’s on offer too. If you’re in the area or looking for something to do in Glasgow, grab yourself a Loop and Scoop treat and head to the Botanic Gardens across the street or chill out in the bar for a while and enjoy the atmosphere.

You can find more inspiration and get amped for your visit to Loop and Scoop on their Instagram here, or see their website here for more details and to take a look at their dazzling menu!

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