Whistlestop Barber Shop

Edinburgh is jam-packed with places to eat, but my favourite by far (no, it’s not McDonald’s, shockingly) is The Whistlestop Barber Shop in South Bridge. Whilst The Whistlestop does in fact offer haircuts as the name suggests (back and sides of fries anyone?), it also provides great food, great drinks, and a chilled atmosphere to relax and enjoy your meal. Or haircut, I suppose.

Is it good enough to take your boyfriend’s mother to lunch for the first time? Apparently, yes. To my relief, she said the coffee was the “proper stuff” – thanks, Whistlestop, for the girlfriend points!

Whilst I can’t comment on the coffee, I can definitely vouch for the delicious array of cocktails on offer that I’ve sampled when I’ve been in with friends. Whether you decide to go classic or pick one of their own creations, you won’t be disappointed. With the place being open from 12pm – 1am everyday, they’ve got you covered from your lunch and afternoon drinks to a stop on your wild night out in town.

I can’t recommend the food highly enough. My only regret is that I haven’t been in often enough to sample everything on the menu!

You’ve got a varied choice of burgers, from your classic starting at £5 to the deluxe range at £9. There are nachos at £7 with a load of topping options, or for a fuller dish you could try hot dogs, pizzas, wings, or one of the load of steak choices starting at £10.95 – replete with fries and salad. You’ve also got your house salads at £7.50 each, with the chicken caesar in particular being a favourite of mine (surprising as I’m a total fast food/pizza/chips junkie) and an array of extras for your sides if you have the room!

The scrum is reasonably priced for what you get, as everything from your burgers and pizzas to your caesar salad comes in a generously filling portion size. Additionally, the staff are friendly and accommodating – for example, having my chicken caesar minus the anchovies was no issue at all.

Whether you’re after a place to catch up with mates, do some work, or just enjoy a drink (or haircut), you should Whistlestop-by, as you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to check out their website for events and deals on so you don’t miss anything, and swing by their social media accounts. They’re active on Instagram if you’d like to do some window shopping first – just remember to wipe the drool off your keyboard when you’re done!

For more on The Whistlestop Barber Shop…

Check out their website • Instagram

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