Instagram Falls

No, that’s not the official name – but Buderim Falls in the Buderim Forest Park would be one of the most accessible, instagrammable waterfalls I’ve seen. And boy, do people take advantage of that. Buderim falls is accessible via a short walk through some rainforest along a clearly marked path that gets mildly steep in some areas – then across a bridge, down some more steps and you’re there. I’ve seen some bloggers post about the falls being less spectacular in person, however those photos show the falls having had little rainfall it seems. It’s nicknamed “Serenity Falls,” and about a 15 minute drive from the town of Buderim. Sadly no dogs are allowed but its free to go and explore the area and there is good parking, toilets and picnic facilities.

On top of the falls.

Most of the time, the water cascades beautifully over the jutting rock face and crashes deafeningly into the pool below. It makes for a cracking photo, if you can catch a moment in between people swimming past or getting under for that all important, shampoo commercial style insta. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was one of them. However, since most people are there for the same reason, there’s an element of unspoken respect amongst photo seekers and there was plenty opportunity to get solo shots underneath the water. And it does make for a pretty good pic, if I do say so myself! There are signs around, however, warning people not to swim in the water. This is mainly due to the creek running through many urban areas and stormwater drains prior to reaching the falls which can cause contamination and debris to collect in the pool – so you swim at your own risk! Plenty people were ignoring the signs, so temptation won out in the end and I got in.

Cue shampoo commercial.

I must admit, it wasn’t the most fun experience I’ve had while trying to get a nice shot. I can look back on it and laugh now, but the whole escapade was rather uncomfortable. The water was freezing, the rocks underneath the water moved when you stepped on them half the time and I couldn’t coordinate the shots with Riley taking the pictures, because the falls were deafening when you were underneath them. And once I went underneath, I could hardly see anything from the damn water in my eyes! But no worries – we got the shots and were momentarily cold, but more than satisfied with the trip.

It was a stunning place to cool off on a hot afternoon and even though it was busy (something you rarely see captured in the insta shots) there was plenty places to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. There’s a tranquility to the place that’s well worth experiencing, whether you’re braving a swim, going for photography or having a picnic. Just don’t forget the mosquito repellent!

Bridge overlooking the falls.

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