River Boating down the Yarra

If you fancy feeling like a gent or lady in 19th century England or are simply looking for a more unique way to enjoy the Aussie sunshine, then Fairfield Park Boathouse in Fairfield Victoria is well worth hitting up. For just $37 (£22) you can take up to 3 people down the Yarra River for an hour in any direction you choose, with it just being $7 (£4) for an extra hour or however long you’re out for thereafter. And the boats can take up to 5 people for a few extra dollars per person.

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Riley and I headed down one afternoon with two of his friends and hired a rowing boat. There was a choice of kayaks and canoes in addition to these but we fancied being fancy. With strawberries in one hand and lemon and lime bitters in the other (fancy for some), we clambered aboard our vessel and after some slight steering issues we were off down the Yarra, followed by a convoy of hopeful ducks.

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It was a good laugh, to say the least, and coordinating standing up and swapping for rowing duty was a challenge in itself. Given the colour of the water the last thing you’d want to do on the Yarra is go for a swim.

So, whether you’re looking for a good laugh with your mates, a prime insta opportunity or relaxing way to top up your tan whilst you watch your other half sweating away in romantic heat, the activity is well worth the dosh.

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Additionally, there’s great news if you have a doggo (or a child), because they can come for a row down the river too! Dogs are also allowed in the outdoor areas of the restaurant. We didn’t try out the bar, tearoom, or grill, however the facilities looked great and the venue was hosting a private event at the time.

Just don’t forget your sunscreen. As a Scot I know how easy it is for us Europeans to go out and forget about the power of the flaming sky orb, intentionally or unintentionally. But here in Australia especially, it will find you and it will burn you. Lesson learned, folks. 



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